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5 important advancement in medical equipment:

As technology is constantly changing our lives, it has made a huge impact in the field of medicines. From pharmaceutical breakouts to modern surgical techniques, doctors and surgeons are bound with technology and artificial intelligence. Similarly, as computers are getting slim and smarter day by day, the field of medicine is growing exponentially. Modern techniques of diagnosing cancer, doing a blood test, and many more within minutes. In the old days, many people used to die without knowing the cause, the mortality rate is decreased nowadays. Many mothers used to die while delivering a baby, modern vaccination techniques save millions of precious lives every second. This article covers the latest advancement in medical equipment.

Cancer nanotechnology:

This method means less invasive, mostly robot-assisted, and with low complication surgical ways. So, there is better patient care, fast recovery, and decrease chances of post-surgical complications. Nanotechnology and modern surgical instruments are already in use.

Nanoparticles are manufactured from elements like silver and gold. The size range is usually 1 to 100 nm. It is used to vivo tumor imaging or studying cell-level functions and experiments. Although not all the equipment used in tumor imaging is based on nanoparticle technique.

Moreover, there is a breakthrough in cancer treatment, as it can also be dealt with without hands-on techniques. According to researchers in the Bar Ilan University of Israel, they have come up with a solution for meditating cancerous cells. Without harming the surrounding tissues. The technique involves transmitting anti-cancer drugs inside the cancerous mass, that kills them. No harm is done to the surrounding cells. The team also has made a robot that can diagnose almost 12 types of cancerous cells.

Something similar is being done at the University of California-San Diego nano engineers are working to build micro-cannons that can kill cancerous cells. It is somewhat like a bullet, that specifically targets cancer cells. Ultrasonic waves can be used to target the cancer mass.

3D printing:

Well, you must have heard of 3D printing tools and machinery parts. But believe it or not, scientists are so close to working on 3D printing organs which work perfectly. We have not heard the good news yet, but the tests are being done and who knows a few years from now, people will walk around with artificial kidneys, and so on.

Devices can gather data about the exact size of someone’s organ. So, it is according to the requirements. Recently, there was spine support made of titanium and printed by 3D technology was introduced into a patient. These artificially manufactured supports are more suitable and comfortable. The technique of printing human cells and organs is called Bioprinting. Not to forget, there are successful devices that help people live longer, like artificial valves and pacemakers. Just consider, if the artificial valves are printed exactly according to a patient’s need, they will fit 100% perfectly without any errors. Printing bones and joints will also be accurate and easy. Regenerating skin is also being considered by 3D printing, it will be much better and hassle-free as compared to skin grafting. This technique will ease the pain of millions of patients.

Virtual reality and AI:

We have heard of virtual reality in a lot of other fields. Although, it is new to the medicine world. Medical students might be able to use it in the future. Right now, it is under development and will be official very soon. The technique includes operating and diagnosing a patient from a distance.

For example, at the time of emergency, a doctor can help a patient without being there, via a robot. Many robot-assisted surgeries are already being done in advanced countries. In the world of AI, it can also assist a surgeon and cut time. A patient can get a doctor’s consultancy via VAR. it can save a huge amount of time and resources. It can also be useful for the recovery and rehabilitation of patients.

Classic tools:

A stethoscope that connects to a smartphone. Yes, you read it right. It can cut all the hurdles of differential diagnosis and give all the suggestions with an app. Every doctor’s toy can now be modernized and can be connected to his/her smartphone. Nurses and doctors will listen to your heartbeat carefully and there is no harm in this technology. They can diagnose in a better and definitive way.

The analog will be placed at the patient’s chest and it will send the information via Bluetooth or cloud to the smartphone. The chances of errors are minimum, at least a lot less than human errors. In underdeveloped countries, hundreds of people lose their life due to failure of early diagnosis. With this electronic tool, you can visualize the ECG on your phone, instead of waiting for hours to get it printed. Moreover, you will be able to record it, send it, or share it with someone you can help or consult. Similar techniques are used by pulmonologists and ENT specialists.

Genome editing:

CRISPR technology is labeled as the discovery of the century. It is related to the immune response to bacteria. Recently scientists have made a sequence of DNA that helps manufacturing proteins to fight certain organisms and bacteria. The slicing and dicing step of DNA sequencing is still very complicated. CRISPR reduces the time of DNA and genome editing. The steps are somehow the advancement of PCR techniques.


As time passes by, more advancement will be done, and the world will be a safe place. People will live a happy long life with fewer causalities due to common infections. Our immunity will be boosted for modern viruses and bacteria. Apart from that, we never know what will be coming to us in the coming years. Better be ready for it. moreover, if you are looking to live with your pet and the landlord does not allow pets. You can get an ESA letter online and prove that your pet is a part of the therapeutic plan. Visit for further details.

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