7 Off-Beat Thriller And Mystery Movies That Can Blow Your Mind Off In 2019

Bollywood and Hollywood had a fair share to make a mark in this specific genre of thriller and mystery. However, some hit the target beautifully, some hits it unexpectedly, but many of them missed it marked completely.

Here, we are talking about the thriller and mystery movies that are too good but needs a special audience to connect with. Since the premise of such movies needs a broader mind to understand the concept… it had missed its mark completely to make numbers on box office. In short, these movies are box office failure but really well in the eyes of critics.

However, these movies worth your time and curiosity as these movies are different from typical Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Here, we enlist 7 off-beat thriller and mystery movies that can blow your mind off in each and every way. Go through the article to know what will be in your playlist for the next few days.

7. Triangle (Hollywood) – A movie titled triangle and what you can make of it? You might be considering about love triangle or the Bermuda triangle. But you are wrong, this movie is all about death triangle. A girl lost in the shipwreck and found a haunted ship.

And the story revolves around. Every moment in the film you would be confused about the explanation and might end up thinking that it is a good movie but you can make nothing of it. You probably don’t understand any of it in the first glance… but hey… you must like it.

6. Mr. Robot (International TV series) – Mr. Robot is an international TV series with 3 glorious seasons where Rami Malek steals the show portraying a hacker who suffers anxiety. You probably end up thinking how mysterious this Elliot guy is in the series who looks normal workers with normal people problems.

I can guarantee you that you will end up asking more and more of the seasons to watch for. And that’s how it is one of the binge-watch shows over the years.

5. Super Delux (Indian) – Super Delux is a new Indian movie that deals with many sub-plots and stories in a single film that is interconnected. This normal-looking drama has various mysteries and trill to watch where the audience would be seen craving for ending.

Anyways, it is a rare moment when Indian critic opens up with a good set of words to praise Indian cinema. Super Delux must be in your watchlist. One more good reason is that the theme of the movie is pretty intriguing as it is loosely based on the plot of the LGBTQ community.

4. Running scared (Hollywood) – Paul walker is super famous for playing Brian O’Conner in the fast & furious series. A few knew about the fact that he had a fair share in the list of amazing movies that Hollywood often make.

One of them is Running Scared. This super thriller drama is based on the incident of a single night where the protagonist runs everywhere to find a gun. There’s many more for the audience in this special movie of our Paul walker. Go and watch this movie instead of running scared thinking of what to watch next.

3. No smoking (Bollywood) – There was a time when Anurag wanted to enter into Bollywood and all of his movies were either banned or release with censor cuts. Anurag is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating directors of Bollywood. And this movie is one of the greatest art pieces in the mystery and thriller genre.

It is the story of an employee who wants to quit smoking and go to rehab. There are many more things about the movie and I better advise you to watch instead of reading about it.

2. Error 404 (Bollywood) – A little of you have even heard about the existence of such movies in Bollywood. For the record, there was a rare moment when Bollywood filmmakers trust such topics to make a good business on box office.

Surely it doesn’t. But it is a good watch for you if you love mystery and thriller genre. Download this movie and make your eyes glued to your phone/laptop screen. Trust me… you won’t find any Error 404 message reading this movie.

1. Coherence (Hollywood) – A movie that has many good regarding the movie-making, movie writing, and a delight to all the mystery and thriller lover audience. This movie is made with a low budget of just a million where 10 people sit in a room and talk.

Their chit-chat session is much more interesting as they get confused about themselves whether they are real or not. The topic of a parallel world is touch in the most interesting way possible and the drama formed on the topic is hilarious to watch.

Please mention any other movies that can be a good watch but remains unpopular yet in the comment box.

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