Essay on Newspaper in Simple Process

Outline: Birth of Newspaper – Necessity – News of the country and abroad – Current status – Pillar of democracy – Magazines – Main means of news collection – Epilogue.

Birth of Newspaper

The newspaper originated in China in the sixteenth century. The Peking Gazette was the world’s first newspaper. After the advent of the British, along with the development of the art of printing, the newspaper started in India as well. The first newspaper of India was ‘India Gazette’.

After this the Christian priests brought out newspapers. The first English paper Udant-Martand was published on 30 May 1826. It was weekly. After him, Raja Rammohun Roy brought out letters like Kaumudi” and Ishwar Chandra Prabhakar. Nowadays there are many types of newspapers.


Newspaper is very essential in our life in today’s era. Many people have a habit of reading the newspaper first thing in the morning. And if they do not get to study, then their whole day does not feel good and they do not feel like in their work.

People’s attachment to the newspaper has led to the emergence of many types of newspapers in the country today. Through newspaper we get important information of the whole world sitting at home. By reading about the inventions by scientists and the tensions, riots, strikes of the nations, we get complete information about the present. The need of newspaper is very important in human life.

Home and Abroad News

In the newspaper, the latest news of the country and abroad and news of government, business and sports are written, which people read and remain active about the country and abroad. Get information about government orders, instructions, information and social, religious, political, cultural, economic, literary and cinema-world activities.

Read the details of the day-long programs of All India Radio and Doordarshan and get information about the film world. Newspaper is also the first contribution for information like prices of trading markets, fluctuations of shares, where vacancies are available for jobs and which movie is being screened in which cinema hall.

Present Situation

Newspaper is the mirror of the present condition of the world. It is a reliable document of events happening in the world. There is a flamingo of power and demerits of opposition’s views. It is the cheapest, simplest and most important means of increasing knowledge.

Human curiosity and curiosity are the means of peace. The newspaper provides world-darshan for only one and a half or two rupees. Hawker puts the newspaper at home. Without running in the morning, we get its achievement.

There will be no harm in calling a reliable messenger who gives updated information about life and the world. Newspaper advertisements are the main means of business growth. Advertisement Newspapers are also a source of income for anyone.

The income of reporters, photographers comes from this newspaper. Newspapers provide livelihood to lakhs of employees and lakhs of hawkers. In the present age there is predominance of thoughts and intellect. Intellectualism prevails everywhere. Presenting ideas logically and effectively is the key to success. Newspapers are the most important tool for this.

Pillar of Democracy

Newspapers are the fourth pillar of democracy, its adjoining sentinels. They expose political dishonesty, administrative laxity and corruption and false assurances and conspiracies to the detriment of the public. The credit for ripping apart the Emergency Indian period from 1974 to 1977 was only with the newspapers.

The watergate scandal of America was busted by the newspapers only. It is these newspapers that perform surgery on the hollowness of elections. It was the responsibility of the newspaper to warn about the establishment of the family system in the guise of democracy in India.

Newspapers have proved helpful in removing social evils and religious superstitions. The editorials of the newspaper correct the mood of the big people. They are also beautiful means of publishing government policy and criticizing the government. In fact, there is no better tool than the newspaper to present the ideas clearly and accurately.


Daily newspapers are published all over India in English, in English, in Urdu, in Tamil, in Marathi, in Kannada and in Malayalam. Apart from these, weekly and fortnightly and monthly magazines are published in all Indian languages ​​including English.

Provides information on various broadcasting media such as press releases, press notes, special articles, reference material, press briefings, interviews, press conferences and press tours etc. in regional languages ​​to eight thousand newspapers and news organizations. This information is also available to newspapers around the world through computers and the Internet.

Major Source of News

It is the main source of news collection. These machines installed in the newspaper offices keep on typing news day and night. These news agencies operate teleprinters. These are world-wide organizations of news collection and collect news by their own correspondents and send them to the newspapers through teleprinters. Daily Newspapers are the document of latest daily news.

Fortnightly, monthly, quarterly periodicals highlight the subject-specific form. Such as political, social, religious, economic etc. newspapers present.


As awareness of knowledge will increase in human beings, curiosity about life and information of the world awakens. It also provides information about the views of the general public and helps us in solving many social and economic issues.

For example, through newspapers, we get important information about the whole world sitting at home. By reading about the inventions of the scientist and the tensions, riots, strikes of the nations, we get complete information of the present. That is why the newspaper has become famous beneficial for human interest.

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