With hands up, who has already spent Christmas money mentally for next year’s adventure? We know that your fascination with travel is the same as ours, which is why we have compiled this selection of the best backpacking destinations of 2021 based on the most significant increase in bookings in the past twelve months. From paradise islands to underestimated African cities, from laid-back surfing towns to remote mountain resorts, there are no travel clichés. Now is the time to start planning our place in the world next year. Spoiler alert: stay off the beaten track. We provide you a list of SPECTACULAR BACKPACKING TOURS THAT WILL AMAZE YOUR SPIRITS.

Let’s introduce you to the best backpacking destinations

Sendai in Japan

If you don’t like crowds, Sendai is a good choice. It is listed as one of the best backpacking destinations next year. The best time to visit this modern city is in August when the streets of the Qixi Festival come alive from J

June. This lively festival is held on the days when Altair and Vega stars cross the trail. It features live music, traditional dances, street food, fireworks, and the most famous is the thousands of colorful ribbons decorating the city. If you can’t schedule your visit on time, Sendai is still worth a visit. There are bustling markets, excellent random nightlife venues, and many impressive temples and shrines for you to choose from.

Queenstown in New Zealand

Queenstown is a dream for all backpackers as the place offers various adventures to tourists. There you can find affordable options for accommodation and vibrant nightlife. The water activities at Wakatipu Lake are something worth experiencing, and if you try out skiing near Double Cone by first catching a cable car to reach the mountain top. You can indulge in the picturesque view at the peak or also try out the 134 meters tall Nevis Bungee Jump. If you wish to explore more of the places, you can try making Air Canada Reservations and book a flight to your favorite backpacking destinations.

Machu Picchu in Peru

Some destinations are known for a specific place or thing, while others have everything a tourist needs to see on vacation. Peru is also one such destination that excites tourists. Backpackers can take a trek to Machu Picchu and enjoy the views. You can also drift down towards Amazon and explore the colorful ambiance of the Andes. Backpackers can head to their prominent hangout place, the pacific coast, to enjoy the Sun or surf while enjoying a fabulous beach party.

Barcelona or Madrid in Spain

It is said that the more Wilder the destination, the more exotic the getaway will be. Backpacking tours through western Europe can offer you a wild experience with lots of enthralling adventures. Spain is something that can be both affordable and luxuriously gorgeous. That is why Spain is ranked as the top among the best backpacker destination lists. Spain is a vast and diverse country, and you can explore Barcelona or Madrid’s districts which are an example of its diversity.

Moreover, there are various other reasons that people love exploring these destinations with their big traveling backpacks and taking chances to hike along with the famous places. You should make American Airlines Reservations and book a flight to your favorite backpacking destination and head towards an exciting journey.

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