System Integration – a starting point for tech in your supply chain

Any company that has grown over time from smaller to progressively larger volumes of product sales, has to have gone through various stages of system integration. Typically, at lower volumes, basic accounting software, and even MS Excel sheets for recording inventory and transactions does the job.

As companies grow, so does the need for larger, more efficient systems with data centralisation. This is typically the time when organisations implement CRMs, WMSs and other IT products for logistics management and order management, with Excel sheets still playing a large part. Keeping information on inventory, orders and freight can be fraught with complications in such situations, as volumes keep growing. Once the information exchange starts happening with external stakeholders like Amazon, Flipkart etc, the problems become larger and far more visible. This is where errors eventually start creeping in, and so do customer complaints.

Typically, a company at this stage is likely to use ERP deployment as the solution to all their woes. Needless to say, this doesn’t always work.

What a company needs at this stage is a complete technology platform that can help integrate all systems, data centralisation and help reduce errors significantly.

To read more about such a platform that has been developed by Glaucus Supply Chain solutions, read more here

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