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Top digital marketing experts and why should follow them


Digital marketing is at its peak in today’s era. Wherever you go, you are bound to see the internet at every corner. One of the core aspects of modern-day, digital marketing has spread its paw in the 21st century where technology has become the prime savior for everyone. Be it a kid or an elder, technology is for everyone. There is a various digital marketing agency in Canada which you can go for.

But yet as digital marketing is all about the internet, why can’t the youths be left behind. These youths grew up to become the top digital marketer in the world. Here are we look at the top digital marketing experts and the reasons why you should follow them.

Here are the list

  • Neil Patel– I am sure this isn’t a new name. A well-popular face in digital marketing. The first person when we hear about digital marketing is Neil Patel. He is still the head of the class today. His popularity can be denoted by the fact that he has over 340K followers on Twitter. You are the one who distributes your advice as a digital marketer across youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

You are the New York Times bestselling author and he received incredible accolades for his work including the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 by the then world’s most powerful person Mr. Barack Obama the president of the US. Other than you are also honored by Wall street journal, Forbes, and many more. Talking about his life, Patel’s first effort, a job board called Advice Money was a flop at that time but he didn’t give up and is now recognized as building a strong digital marketing empire.

  • Tim Ferris– yet another prolific entrepreneur with a blog that reaches millions of listeners and multiple books on the New York Times. His most famous book is The 4-hour workweek. Four out of five books have reached the number one spot on the bestseller list. His followers on Twitter are more than 1.6 million. His writing on success and personal health is published on medium for more than 107K Followers.

His best thing is that his lifestyle design a way to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Not only this but he is also been invited to speak at MIT Google once. Also, he is been ranked as the number one self-promoter of all times in 2008. His TED talk speeches are incredibly popular among aspirants.

  • Seth Godin– he has been one of the top digital marketing experts for three decades. His 18 books are been the best-seller for anyone coming into their own as a business owner. His blogs where he posted about insight on all things marketing is incredibly popular among youths. Akimbo, the most famous podcast is his. He also offers courses on Udemy and several other platforms.

You can find his writing on medium and his speeches on YouTube channel. His speech on TED talks “ how to get your ideas to spread” has got 1.5 million views till now. He is also inducted into the Digital marketing hall of fame in 2013 and 2018. You can follow Seth Godin on his website.

  • ShamaHyder– The female power in the list of top digital marketing experts ShamaHyder, though she is new on our list this doesn’t mean that she hasn’t achieved as many his peers. The founder and CEO of Zen Media have been called the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by Fast Company, and the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Other than she wrote several books like The Zen of Social media marketing is the best seller with Hyder who has delivered as the top entrepreneur under 25 by business week. Not only this but she has also been honored White House and United Nations as the top 100 entrepreneurs in North America. Apart from all these, he also advocates youth entrepreneurship and gender equality in the business world publishing articles via social media.

  • Guy Kawasaki– A chief evangelist is famous for his market work at the apple in the 1980s who today works at online design company Canva in much of the same role. He has been the brand ambassador for some of the top brands in the world such as Mercedes Benz and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

Talking about his childhood, he was born in Honolulu. While he was in school, he bagged with the first job for a jeweler company called Nova, and after completing graduation, he started working in Google, and thereafter he returned to the company as an apple fellow before he moved to his work in Canva.  Not only this, but he also wrote 13 books including the art of social media, the art of the state, and how to publish a book.

  • Ann Handley– yet another name in a top digital marketing expert, Ann Handley has been writing since 1985 first as a journalist and then as a marketer. She with her husband started a new company Clickz the directory of resources for those looking for online marketing which was sold for $16 million three years later.

He also becomes the successful author, keynote speaker, and chief content officer of marketing profs, a company that teaches aspiring entrepreneurs everything they need to know about marketing in the digital age. According to Red Fern the first person to hold the chief content officer position. Not only this but she has also been named as the top LinkedIn influencer and top thought leader by Forbes.

 Wrapping up

Summarising the entire article, in brief, the digital marketing expert gave are some of the most influential greats you should follow in 2021. The big reason in short about their following aspect because they all started from the very bottom and due to their sheer hard work and dedication, they went on to become the greats as we know in their fields.

Thanks for your precious time in reading through the entire article. Hope you liked it. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and colleagues and let IT Vowel the global name in the market.

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