Uplift your Product Image through Eyelash Packaging Box

Creating a brand experience for your product does not end when a consumer purchases a product. The brand experience continues every step of the way until your consumer unboxes, uses, and experiences the product itself. Therefore, it is wise to focus on designing eyelash boxes that look great by incorporating other senses to create an unforgettable experience.
Going beyond the visual elements sends a bundle of signals to consumers’ brains. It does not just make your brand and product experience more memorable than your competitors but also increases buying impulses. Consumers who experience multiple sensory impressions from an eyelash packaging box are twice as loyal as those who experience only one. Below, the Packaging Republic has highlighted a few ways to stand out beyond the shelf with a multi-sensory wholesale custom eyelash packaging box.

Enhancing the Visual Experience through eyelash boxes

The visual impact that your eyelash boxes make on consumers is critical for your product’s success. Moving beyond the basics is best to get your product noticed among hundreds of competitors. Besides visual elements and typography, enhancing the visual experience with innovative touches is a true differentiator. Light effects such as LED lights are unique touches to engage consumers with visual impact. If your eyelash packaging box’s visual elements are compelling enough, many consumers will want to pick it up and touch it.

Textures & Tactile Experiences

Consider the texture of the wholesale custom eyelash packaging box. Paperboard and cardboard create a different sensation than something more exotic, like canvas or silk. Press and finishing effects – raised UV coatings, grit, embossing, and debossing can heighten the consumer’s senses. Tactile elements on custom eyelash boxes or print create opportunities for consumers to explore and experience your packaging. These boxes attract and invite consumers to touch and feel your product. Raised or embossed finishes and textural finishes add a new dimension to your custom eyelash boxes that bring your product, story, and brand to life.

Olfactory Experience

Many brands use pine-scented varnish on the pine tree wrapping paper, giving their consumers the season’s full sensation. This subtle effect triggers nostalgia and can even drive people to buy products on a subconscious level.

Sound Experiences

Your custom packaging boxes work well at point-of-sale displays, with special packaging, or in direct mail by incorporating sound effects. Music and videos attract attention while reinforcing your brand’s value. You can even add sound elements which are not triggered until the wholesale custom eyelash packaging box is opened. Beautiful opening sounds delight the consumers and elevate the product experience. Read more the general time.

When and How to Incorporate Multi-Sensory Finishes

Multi-sensory printing excels at creating an experiential element for your consumers. Multi-sensory printing works exceptionally well in fragrances, cosmetics, and other health and beauty items. All multi-sensory packaging elements give us plenty of opportunities to incorporate tactile sensations. You can also foil stamp the wholesale eyelash boxes to add a feel of luxury. Soft-touch lamination can create a smooth, velvety feel. Other elements, like the sealing stickers, invite a hands-on experience. For consumers, building relationships with a brand goes far beyond the visual. It is a multi-sensory affair. The better you can proactively create those experiences with your packaging, the easier you can convince them to try your product in the wholesale eyelash boxes.

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