What are the benefits and limitations of IVF treatment for infertile couples?

The IVF treatment was first done successfully in 1978 and since then the best gynecologist in Punjab are suggesting this treatment to the infertile couple. It might seem a daunting process, but when you visit the best IVF centre in Punjab the success chances are improved. To understand the treatment in a better manner, you should consult the best fertility expert. In this article, we will talk you through the benefits and limitations of the IVF procedure.

Successful and Safe IVF Treatment (In-Vitro-Fertilization)

IVF provides several benefits and this is the reason it is the best choice for couples who are facing problems conceiving. Most importantly, this procedure has helped millions of couples all over the world to boost their conception chances irrespective of the fertility issue they have. Some of the situations, where it can be helpful are:

  • Blocked fallopian tube

The problem is only found after the diagnosis and if the fallopian tubes are blocked then IVF procedure is best. Undergoing this procedure won’t make any difference even if fallopian tubes are blocked.

  • Male Infertility

In the case of male infertility, ICSI/IVF is suggested to boost conception chances. Your fertility expert will suggest what treatment plan you need.

Pros of IVF

  • IVF success record is higher

IVF treatment is the most successful procedure and with time this technology has improved a lot. The treatment is performed with advanced methods which makes it safe and secure. Just make sure that you find the best IVF centre while getting the treatment.

  • Better than other fertility treatment

No doubt, there are several fertility treatment options. But the success with this treatment is higher as compared to other options.

  • IVF can be used to diagnose fertilization problem

IVF treatment is the suggested option in case you are diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Limitations of IVF

Although, this procedure is safe and secure as compared to any other medical approach. The treatment is known for the guaranteed success and it can be done safely when you get the treatment under the supervision of a fertility expert. The treatment success will depend on different factors like the reason for infertility, the doctor doing the treatment, the hospital you select, and your age. The procedure is not complicated, but some of the rare limitations are:

  • The treatment takes time, which can result in stress. Although you can manage it by taking assistance from a fertility expert. You should talk to your loved ones the way you feel.
  • The treatment has some rare side effects and risks, which can be easily managed when you follow all the suggestions given by the fertility expert.

Final thought

In all, the treatment is safe and when you plan to get the treatment you should consult the best fertility expert. As per the diagnosis, the fertility expert will plan the treatment for you which improves the success rate for conception, and most importantly the pregnancy is safe & your health will be right.


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