Why Should You Use a Focus Keyword Only Once?

If in the search engine results you want a good ranking of your content’s particular phrase or word then this phrase is known as your focus keyword. We can also say that if you want your blog article or web page to be found by someone on Google with the typing of a particular phrase by him on the search engine then this phrase is known as the focus keyword. Basically, pointing the visitors to a content is the purpose of these keywords. So, we can consider these keywords as the SEO’s important element. But if you think that by repeating the use of focus keywords you will get a lot of benefits then you are wrong. You need to use it only once.

If you have written two articles of different types and you are using the same focus keyword in both of these then this time your competition will be with you. Suppose you rank for a focus keyword then it will be good for your article and the visitors will take interest in it. But if after some time you can’t rank for it then there is no need to use it again because this time it can hurt your rankings. Rather it will be good for you if you will make some improvements in the article or update it.

If with the same topic you want to create another article then the focus keyword that you will add in it needs to be different. For instance, if you are writing an article over a topic: “How to use cryptocurrency in place of cash” and you add a focus keyword “important tips for using cryptocurrency” in it then at the time of creating a second article don’t use “important tips for using cryptocurrency”. Instead add a focus keyword “tips for using cryptocurrency in 2021”. Here both the phrases have almost the same implication. But there is a slight difference in the two contents. As a result there will be no competition in both of your articles.

Now if your content does not rank well then what will you do? For improving the rankings of your content, you need to follow a number of steps:

  • Compete with the use of a focus keyword – For instance you write an article over “How to use cryptocurrency in place of cash” then the keyword “cryptocurrency tips” will not help you in giving tough competition. Now if you will select “basic tips for using cryptocurrency” then also it can have difficulty in giving tough competition. Identification of the cornerstone article becomes possible with the usage of a right focus keyword.
  • Write cornerstone articles – If you take interest in using the phrase “cryptocurrency tips” then there is no need to use the focus keyword again and again. Rather, it will be good to create a cornerstone article that is detailed, lengthy and good. By using the Yoast plugin, it is possible to do the SEO of the content that uses the “cryptocurrency tips” keyword.
  • Create supporting articles – After establishing a cornerstone article, linking a number of articles to it will be a good idea. Using keywords like “useful tips for cryptocurrency” and “best tips for cryptocurrency” in these articles will work for you. Then with the cornerstone article you can link these articles. As a result the search engine will know the importance of the cornerstone article and it can rank well.
  • There is no need to use a focus keyword again and again – If you think that with the repetitive usage of focus keywords you will get success then you are not 100 % right. Using a phrase that is more focused towards a cornerstone article and is more specific can help in getting a good ranking. Linking a number of supporting articles to this cornerstone article will help you a lot.

When doing the SEO of your content you will get a lot of benefits if you will add the focus keyword for a single time only.

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